Prejudice Against The Mentally Ill

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Prejudice against the mentally ill is a prominent in Canadian society. Prejudice can be seen in Canada. There are government issued initiatives to help people with mental illness. The effects of prejudice can be felt by an individual, all of Canada, and the global world. Some of the organizations have succeed in their fight.
Mental health prejudice is the discrimination of people with mental health issues. Metal health prejudice effects can be felt through the entire world. Government mandates like CMHA’s broad mandate work to promote Income Security and Productivity, Health Research and Training Affecting Women, Advocacy and Persons with Long-Term Mental Health Problems. The government in Canada spent an estimated $7.9 billion in 1998 to help people with mental health issues and. ($4.7 billion was spent on mental health care and $3.2 billion was spent on mental illness and early death prevention. According to the Report on Mental Illness in Canada, October 2002. EBIC 1998 (Health Canada 2002) in 1999, 3.8% of all admissions in general hospitals (1.5 million hospital days) were due to anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, major depression, etc.
Discrimination against people with mental illnesses in Canada affects Canadians as a whole by raising unemployment rates. Prejudice against the mentally
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