Prejudice And Discrimination On Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Legal but still not acceptable: Prejudice and discrimination on same sex marriage.
Prejudice which means prejudgement where it displays attitude towards a social group (Hogg & Vaughan, 2011). This is a huge social issue within society has faced as it leads to many consequences that can end in violence. Homosexuality is an example of sexual minors facing prejudice from other social groups. There have been a number of prejudice and discrimination towards the gay community since the 1980’s where sexual behaviour between the same genders was not considered normal (Hogg & Vaughan, 2011). The influence of Christianity encouraged the prosecution of homosexuals which become labelled as a mental illness and considered an act that should be punishable. However, through protesting and fight for equality and gay rights gay marriage became legal in many parts of the world. Taking into consideration the legalisation of gay marriage, there is a continuation of discrimination against the gay community.
Despite the legalisation of the gay marriage law being approved by the Supreme Court on June 26th. A gay couple is still facing discrimination after being refused a marriage licence from a 49 year old US Christian county clerk. Her strong religious principles has provoked her from allowing a homosexual couple to get married that she rather be in jail then approve of the marriage licence.
Old fashioned prejudice displays clear expressions of negative attitudes and dislike towards gays and
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