Prejudice And Inequality In The Workplace

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Prejudice and inequality have always existed, even in the workplace. Many laws and corporations have been recently created in order to maintain suitable environments in the workplace. For example, the Workplace Bullying institute enforces positive behavior and assists in lawsuits about discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Although many obstacles have been overcome in the workplace, both women and men continue to undergo discrimination. It is a different form of bullying, though, it is biased treatment because of sex and race. For instance, men are rarely given paternity leave; women continue to experience pay discrimination, and both genders continue to face racial discrimination in pay. Both genders should receive equal treatment regarding parenthood and payments.
Scarcely any men are given paternity leave when their child is born. In the United States, about 10-15% of states provide paid leave for fathers. (FindLaw 2015).
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The Jews experienced prejudice from the Germans, which were in control of more power. Both genders continue to undergo discrimination because of prejudices from their superiors. Men and women who experience impartial equity are just another example of prey in society. This intolerance of patronizing must be put to an end.
Some people might claim that there is no pay discrimination and it is merely a reflection of their employee’s work ethic. For example, in the Federalist, an article explains how women who choose less professional courses for their education, such as social work and counseling, deserve a shallower salary. The writer describes that women are paid less because they chose less “lucrative”, or money making, courses during their education. However, this is incorrect because a certain degree or study should not be categorised as futile choices. Instead, women should be paid for what she deserves without any
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