Prejudice And Racism In Woodrow Wilson's Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers’ portrayed a message that still continues in today’s world. There are still many protests and racism issues that are brought out everyday. Racism and cliques are everywhere in society: schools, jobs, and many other places. It seems as if all of these cliques cannot like each other because they are too busy protecting their “own”. It is 2017, people need to realize that being racist and holding protests is not going to help the world, it only makes things worse. Everybody needs to learn and accept people for who they are, no matter the color, religion, age, or gender. For example, the election just ended with the result being Donald Trump as President. Many protests and fights broke out because of this, which has caused damage…show more content…
A teacher, Mrs. Gruwell, takes things into her own hands to help these teens. She is the only teacher in the entire school who believes that these kids can change their lives around and become better people. To help the students express their feelings, she gives each kid a journal to write in everyday. After reading their stories, Mrs. Gruwell learns that every single one of those kids were fighting a battle. She tries to put things in perspective when she makes them read about the Holocaust. She takes them to the holocaust museum to learn more about Anne Frank's story and the other children and families who were kept in these concentration camps. Once these delinquent students realize what these Jews, of all ages, have been through helps them understand that other kids have had way worse lives compared to them. It makes them realize how grateful they are for what they have in life because somewhere else it could be much worse. These students all have a gang that they are in and have a mindset that they only protect their own. Throughout the school year, Mrs. Gruwell teaches them what life is about and the importance to treat everyone as if they were one of their “own”. These students now realize this and begin to break out of their comfort zone and start talking to people outside of their own friend group. In the end, the students show each other that they appreciate and respect everyone in their class no matter what background they come
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