Prejudice Essay On Pride And Prejudice

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Throughout the novel Jane Austen brings to light how people tend to change and grow as people through marriage. The characters in the novel, such as Mrs. Bennet, each have their own prejudices which ended up handicapping them in some way. Others just let their pride get the best of them. However, through marriage and courtship the characters, particularly Lizzy and Mr. Darcy, learn to look past their pride and prejudices to grow as people and find love. In the beginning of the novel the reader meets Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Mr. Bennet is a simple, nonchalant man but his wife, Mrs. Bennet is the complete opposite. Mrs. Bennet is known for her vulgarity, improperness, and undeniably dim-wittedness. Mr. Bennet often finds her dimwittedness to be amusing. Jane Austin writes, “her ignorance and folly had contributed to his amusement". Mrs. Bennet is also extremely determined to make sure that all five of her daughters marry affluent, and extremely rich gentlemen that are respectable in the eyes of society. If a man is missing any of these qualities she believes that he is not fit to marry any of her daughters. Her prejudice against men lacking these qualities eventually leads to her disdain for Mr. Darcy later in the novel. Mrs. Bennet does not care what she must do to make sure that her daughters are married. This becomes clear when Mrs. Bennet purposefully sends Jane out on a horse even though it was going to rain to the home of Mr. Bingly hoping that the storm would force Jane to stay there for some time. She hoped that this time at the Bingly residence would help Jane and Mr. Bingly grow closer. Sending Jane out in that kind of weather was a huge risk and caused Jane’s health to take a turn for the worst nearly leading to her death. This just proves how desperate she is. Mrs. Bennet is most likely this desperate because she knows that if her daughters do not marry well they will only end up suffering financially. Mr. Bennet has not made enough money to leave their daughters money that will allow them to live comfortably. Furthermore, none of the girls are poor enough to work so they cannot make money on their own thus you honestly cannot blame her. When you first meet Mr. Darcy he appears to be very respectable

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