Prejudice Essay : Prejudice And Racism

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Aldon Shelton
Ms. Mosley
English III
Due October 19, 2017
Prejudice and Racism in America The difference between racism and being prejudice is nothing. They’re the exact same thing. Both affect different minorities in America based on stereotypes. Stereotypes aren’t the only thing. Not everyone gets to live the American Dream because of their race & beliefs. People struggle feeding their families at the end of the day because they couldn’t get a better job because of their skin tone. Others can’t go to certain places without getting judged because they have hijabs on. People can be very prejudice against women, too. Women can’t live the American Dream to the fullest because men think they belong in a certain place. They shouldn’t do
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Those small religions aren’t bothering anyone. They’re not causing any type of commotion. Why can’t the Muslims go to the airport with their hijabs on without being identified as a “terrorist” or a “bomb boy”? Same concept with the Monks. They get looked at like they are the stupid ones. What’s not taught in schools is that America is not even in the top 10 for the highest educated countries. All the other countries whose people we judge based on their appearance are doing way better than us. America doesn’t have any real guidelines. That’s why we are behind. The Muslims, monks, etc. All of them are more disciplined than us. They know their limits. They know how to treat the people in their country. They purposely ignore us because we’re ignorant fools in their eyes. Their living the Arabian Dream. Women don’t get hardly as many chances that men get. It’s utterly ridiculous. Just imagine how much better off America would have been if we had Hillary Clinton in office. Technically she would’ve been elected if the popular vote counted, but of course, America is going to be America. The only reason why that senseless futile prick of a president won is because America counts the Electoral Vote. The upper echelon of America thought it would be absolutely mortifying if a women got in office. Guaranteed that if Hillary would’ve gotten elected, America would’ve been on its way out of debt, peace would’ve been made between our enemy countries, and so much

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