Prejudice Essay : ' The Last Of The Mohicans '

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Setutsi Dennis Ms. Dudley Pd. 2 8 December 2011 Research Paper Prejudice is often times a learned behavior, but can also be a basic instinct.
Although the behavior of narrow-mindedness does not simply deal with opinions on race, religion, or culture, such topics are heavily recognized in the category. Prejudice has been around for as long as society can account for human life. We do not hold ancient human beings to their prejudices ' because it has been accepted as a normal, and even, at times, a desirable element in a social structure. Prejudice can come down to a mere preference lying in our DNA such as, a desired taste for red grapes over green grapes. That is why society strongly recognizes prejudices geared towards the differences in creeds and uncontrollable traits. From Hitler and the Nazis to the Southern American slave owners, prejudice of one group against another has resulted in extreme cruelty. Throughout history and exemplified in The Last of the Mohicans, exist many controversies in regard to race and culture. Such can be seen from the struggles of
African-Americans during the American Civil War and the genocide of Jews in
Germany during the 1930s and 40s. Both can compare to the differences recognized in Cooper 's novel as seen with the controversy over interracial love and friendship, and the Mohican tribe 's trouble with firewater. While some in society have taken countless measures to rid prejudice, it is still evident all around and comes in all places, at…

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