Prejudice Essay

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As I walk down the aisle, the sales clerk glares at me with contemptible eyes, watching every move I make, unquestionably thinking if she turns her head for the slightest moment that I will slip everything of value into my purse. Prejudging people for their appearance is a common practice that humans perform. People are not only ridiculed for their color, as many might contemplate, when thinking of "prejudice", but also for many other things. Some of them including your age and sex.In the last three and a half decades, racism has taken a dramatic turn. During the 60s many civil rights programs were created to protect the African Americans. After the Civil War, many rights were legally established for the blacks. Now, the black…show more content…
The most popular watched sport in America, NBA basketball, is played by over 87% of the African decent, and black individuals are topping the charts in rock, pop, and ragea music.Ageism is also a prejudice problem in our society today. Though many piople think that this is not a serious problem, everyday, people are being harrassed for their age, whether they are "too old" or "too young". I have dealt with this problem myself, as many other teenagers have. When walking into many stores, I am asked to leave my purse or back pack at the front of the store and I am often times followed around by employees of the store to "prevent theft". Theft is a dilemma that many businesses have to deal with, but when it gets to the point of being untrusted due to your age, it's ridiculous and innapropriate.Men and women's rights in society have never been equal. Though many American citizens would agree women have less rights than men, in some cases that can be beneficial, including times of the war and working days (before the world war), when women rarely worked out of their house. But for all of humanity's society, women have been taken advantage of due to their physical disadvantage under men. However, sex issues of today are decreasing, but sexism will never diminish to the point of complete equality.I believe that prejudice is a result of fear and ignorance. You could almost call prejudice the end result of misinformation. I only with
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