Prejudice For Students To Get From The Holocaust

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If you were a teacher, what would you want your students to get from the Holocaust unit? Personally, I would want them to get that 1943-1945 was a bad time for everyone. Prejudice can lead to terrible things. Also, I would want them to get that if it happened once then it can happen again. I would also want them to know that they should be grateful because they didn’t go through these types of things. From torturing people to killing innocent children that is just only a few things that ended up happening in the Holocaust. I will be showing evidence for my ideas from the unit.
Prejudice can lead to many terrible things. It happened to the Frank family, Eva Schloss, and many other Jewish families who were treated poorly because of someone being prejudice. Anne Frank was forced into hiding just because of her religion and she had to leave everything behind. Her friends, her cat, and most of her things. All left because of prejudice. Eva Schloss had to move from country to country, but still didn’t escape the Reich. Eva ended up losing her dad and her siblings because of the gas chambers.
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Hitler convinced everyone that he would make Germany great again and acted like he was actually going to do it. Then, he ended up doing all these terrible things that affected the whole world. If we don’t think wisely and choose the right leaders something horrible like this just might come around again and haunt us. Also, the play, The Wave, shows another example of how people can go crazy with power and do all sorts of horrible things easily. The teacher started out by telling them to stand up when answering questions and saying his name. Then also sitting up straight and doing all sorts of other things such as yelling quotes
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