Prejudice In Children Research Paper

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How Does Prejudice Develop in Small Children? Amelia C. Gilfillan Limestone College Abstract Prejudice is a sight that we all see in our daily lives. It is a nasty disease that causes racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religious discrimination, etc. No one is superior to another and as parents, they should never make their child be like them if they are prejudiced toward anyone not like them. The child should be able to make his or her own mind. Prejudice is taught, it is not a inherited trait or characteristic. It is not in one’s genes when they are born. Prejudice begins somewhere. In this research paper we will touch on the variables that possibly have the initial effect of when prejudice is taught to a child. It could be parent …show more content…

The need to find out how a prejudice begins is very important. Once known, we can try to deter the issue in the future to prevent these serious issues that arise from prejudice. It has been found that prejudice is instilled at a very early age in children. There are several factors that can contribute to this. Some of these factors are family life, social experiences, and environmental variables. There are different types of prejudice that these factors bring about. These types are racial prejudice, gender prejudice, and religious prejudice to name a few. “Some children will be prejudiced. Others will not. This is how prejudice begins” (Bergen, …show more content…

If we could find a way to narrow the influences that affect their thinking, then we could possibly not have to worry about prejudice. Until we are able to teach children that we are all the same regardless of our skin color, religion, gender, etc. there will always be prejudice. By instilling the values that we are the same, prejudice would not be an issue. However, the past is what has made these parents the way they are today. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, therefore these parents and peers need to try and be better understanding that they are raising impressionable children. We need to break the chain and stop the

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