Prejudice In Pride And Prejudice

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Are there both good and bad types of pride and prejudice? In her book, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen demonstrates the different kinds of these chracteristics through each character. Lizzy, Jane, and Darcy are all completely different characters who show their pride and prejudice in completely different ways. Since the very beginning of the book, Elizabeth Bennet, who is also known as Lizzy, was very quick to judge, and her prejudice led her to believe in the wrong people. When Lizzy met Mr. Wickham she instantly believed his story about Darcy; perhaps it was because she already disliked him. He told her that he had grown up with Mr. Darcy and that he was quite prideful. Wickham continued to say that Darcy had wronged him in a tremendous way and of course Lizzy…show more content…
Darcy was very misunderstood as his first impression at the dance in Netherfield was not very good. Elizabeth and all the other people in the town saw him as prideful; however, Darcy shows later on in the book that he is just not very good with people. He explained to Elizabeth that the story Wickham told her was actually a lie. Darcy began with the true story like this: he gave Wickham money to study law but Wickham spent all of his money on other things. Coming back to Darcy, he asked for more money and after refusing, Wickham deceived Darcy's sister into elopement. When Darcy found out, he convinced Georgiana, his sister, not to follow through. After finding out this story and hearing Darcy explain his past actions to her, Lizzy realized how wrong she was and that she let her prejudice get in the way. After reading and understanding the whole story, the reader can tell which characters let their pride or prejudice consume them. Elizabeth always judged people by their first impressions. She began to love Wickham who turned out to be a fraud, and she hated Darcy all because he was shy and misunderstood. Prejudice in Elizabeth's case is in fact bad. However Jane's prejudice was on a different
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