Prejudice In Tom Robinson's To Kill A Mockingbird

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Prejudice, judgement formed without knowledge or fact, affects all people to a degree. All people, coming from different walks of life come to the issue with a their own perspective. This perspective guides them through the issue and makes them react differently to similar concepts. Tom Robinson tried to follow the set system of court, trying his best to use a faulty system. Jeremy Finch threw a violent hissy fit at the unfair judgement and yielded no results. Dolphus Raymond gave people an excuse to outlet their prejudice against alcoholism and not himself. All people subject to different levels and types of prejudice, all people reacting in different ways. Prejudice is a major part of the book Kill a Mockingbird with it’s own set of ethical restrictions that each character reacts to differently. The major ethical dilemma of To Kill a Mockingbird is prejudice caused by ignorance with Tom Robinson, Dolphus Raymond, and Jeremy “Jem” Finch each addressing it in their own ways.
Exposed to the most bigotry out of everyone in the book, Tom Robinson was treated with extreme prejudice just because of the color of his skin. Robinson was tried for sexual assault by a racist jury. Before he had even started a trial the people trying him attempted to lynch him as part of a mob. (Lee 147) The jurors were clearly prejudiced against Tom Robinson, not having good reason to attack Tom Robinson. They had very little standing to attack Tom unprovoked and were clearly

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