Prejudice Is A Hostile Or Negative Attitude Toward People

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Prejudice is a hostile or negative attitude toward people who are in a distinguishable group that is based solely on their membership within that group. It has three components: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. The cognitive component of prejudice consist of stereotypes, generalizations about a group where characteristics are believed to be shared by all in the group. Examples of this would be believing that all Muslims are terrorists, all Asians must be smart, and all Americans are lazy. While stereotypes are used to save time and energy, they are sometimes wrong for the group and often wrong for individuals. The affective component involve the emotional/judgmental aspect of prejudice. It is based only on group membership and is typically negative. It is exhibited in fear, envy, pity, or disgust. The behavioral component consists of discrimination, which is when people are treated differently only because of their social group.
I think fear is the most displayed emotion of prejudice, in regards to race and beliefs. People have developed this notion that all Muslims should be feared as terrorist because a small number of them are, as others have developed a fear that all black males are criminals. Though prejudice is mostly viewed as directed at minorities, it can also be seen directed at white people. For example, black people now have a prejudice against all white cops due to the increase and highly publicized of shootings of black males by white cops. Even though
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