Prejudice Is An Innate Quality Of Humans

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For years now, understanding prejudice has been one of human’s greatest challenges. Prejudice can be described as an unfavourable, negative attitude towards a social group and its individual members. On the surface this may not seem like a significant issue, however, it can become associated with dehumanisation and violence. It is suggested that every human is prejudice; people make assumptions based on characteristics such as age, sex, and ethnicity. There are many explanations of prejudice, however, there has never been an internationally accepted theory. In early 20th Century, Prejudice was considered an innate quality of humans, and instinctive response to certain characteristics of a person. Other psychologists may argue that prejudice is an attitude that is acquired over time, catalysed by social agents. There are multiple theories and explanations as to why prejudice occurs, the main four being Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Acquisition theory and Intergroup relations. The psychodynamic theory leans heavily on the Oedipus complex, and the psychosexual stages of development, Freud 1905. The theory suggests, that as the children age, they channel the hostility towards their parents, into their unconscious, and they show love and affection. A charismatic, powerful leader arouses similar feelings to those experienced towards parents. Unity as a group arises from members adopting their leader as a part of their superego, and therefore all sharing common feelings towards the
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