Prejudice: The Beliefs Of Different People

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Many people are different and have different cultures and religions and many people can be prejudice. Just because someone acts in a way we aren’t used to, it does not mean we can judge them only because they believe something different than what we are accustomed to. They may be different to due to their religious beliefs, or they might have a different skin color. So treat others they way you want to be treated. We don't know their story or why they are not the are not the same as us,but they could just be trying to adventure,make new friends, or just explore. What if they had one of those bad situations where they just have to move to a safer spot ,because of what's happening where they lived. When you are being prejudice, you judge them on how they look or who they hang out with because you make assumptions of what they do: how they act, how they feel, how they do in school, on what clothes they wear, etc. For example, You may even think they live in old run-down house because of the way they dress. That is just what people see on the surface of the person so you can’t make those assumptions based on how somebody dresses. Another way that someone could be prejudice is you may assume that someone is nice all the time and does nothing bad, or they are nice and healthy. The truth is that they could be…show more content…
For example, you could hear someone saying they don’t like overweight people and they think that they could do better in their life and not be like that. There also is personal opinion to this it is just But what if the person is struggling with something that will take awhile to get rid of. This person might not even mind being overweight and they have a lot of self confidence and they like the way they look. In most cases though they want to get rid of the extra weight and are doing it but it will just take a little
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