Prejudice, Trinidad, and 'Jamaican Exceptionalism'

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It is not difficult however, to see why this security measure was enforced by Airport Customs. Violent crimes constitute one of the greatest social problems facing Jamaica at this time. Over the past two decades, Jamaica has experienced an unparalleled increased in homicides and violent assaults. [3] In the year 2005, their murder rate was at the highest in the World, according to UN estimates.[4] Although it may seem very unfair to Jamaicans like Duggan who travel with the purest of intentions, it is impossible for the authorities to single out one or more specific individuals, who may be conspiring to perform illegal activities, out of a group of many, especially when they’ve all just departed from a crime ridden republic, and there’s a possibility that more than one may be associated in a group. They are simply performing their jobs. It certainly was severely biased, on behalf of Duggan, that Trinidad was singled out in this article and that many of the nations’ short comings were listed as
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