Prejudice and Discrimination Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudice: 1) an opinion formed without careful thought.2) an unreasonable or unfair feeling (in favour of, or against something). Discrimination : 1) to be the difference between. 2) (with favour of, against ) to treat favourably or unfairly. These are the dictionaries' definitions of what the two words mean, obviously very briefly. Different forms of prejudice and discrimination are the underlining of racism, sexism, ageism, nationalism and more, but these are the key elements of prejudice and discrimination. All around the world different people of different religions, race etc are troubled with these issues everyday against each other and from others, no matter
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Parable of the Good Samaritan teaches that help should be given without regard to race.

In a sexist society Jesus treated women with dignity and respect; e.g. The woman at the well; (John 4)

Christians do not accept discrimination. From people I have asked, and from what I have read I have concluded that a Christian, or somebody with Christian morals would offer a victim of prejudice or discrimination, and help them to deal with it, in the ways of dealing with the effects of the actual event or actions of somebody else in a compassionate way. The perpetrator should also be helped in a way to guide them and help them understand the views and emotions of the victim.

Saying this, many Christians deal with it in another way. Many Christians are police officers, but discriminating is a criminal offence, and the perpetrator can be tried for it in a court of law. This means the Christian is punishing the perpetrator, and will be further punished by a court.

Discrimination can also be misunderstood. A recent article in the newspaper showed that a Pakistani person felt that he had been discriminated against, as somebody had called him a 'Paki'. This man had taken the other man to court, under the charge of discrimination. The judge, who
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