Essay on Prejudice and Discrimination in "Crash"

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While the film “Crash” has several complex characters with storylines that all become interconnected in various ways, the movie is predominantly about how prejudice plays into people’s everyday lives and how such prejudice usually has negative implications. The characters in the film all had their own prejudices, or attitudes judging others in negative ways, which set the stage for discrimination, stereotypes, racism, and scapegoats. Thus, one can see how prejudice plays such a pivotal role in people’s relations with each other. As a result, it is best to analyze this film from a symbolic interactionism point of view by analyzing how the labels the characters encounter in this film affect their perception and in turn create prejudice …show more content…
Daniel suffered individual discrimination from Farhad because Farhad perceived him as Latino, and thus thought he was deceitful and treated him accordingly. Later, when Farhad’s store was trashed because someone broke in through the faulty door, Farhad sought revenge on Daniel because he felt that he was responsible for the trashed store. As a result, Daniel became Farhad’s scapegoat for his frustration of having a ruined store because he did not listen to Daniel’s professional opinion. Daniel was not the only victim of racism, Peter and Anthony, two young Black males, were also targets of prejudice and discrimination because of their race. From a symbolic interactionist point of view, these two men were heavily influenced by the stereotypes imposed on them. For example, as Jean and Rick Cabot were walking down the street, Jean got closer to her husband as she passed Anthony and Peter because she prejudged them as criminals and was therefore afraid of them. Anthony complained to Peter about being stereotyped as a gangster or criminal because he is a black male, yet then he and Peter self-fulfill this stereotype by carjacking the Cabot’s car. Though the movie does not shed light on the topic of why Anthony and Peter choose to make a living off of selling stolen
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