Prejudice and Homosexuality

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Prejudice and Homosexuality

Gays? Who are gays? What discrimination do they face? Well, gays are just people who are sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. According to the author, Richard D. Mohr, gays are subject to widespread discrimination in employment and government are leading offenders. For example, gays/lesbians are not allowed to serve in the armed forces, CIA, FBI, national security agency, or the state department. Yes, I do agree with the author but, the author wrote that in 1994, things have changed. Yes, gay were or are subject to widespread discrimination but people are getting more and more accepting as time goes by. For example, in September 2011, homosexuals in the United States are allowed to serve in the
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If you can choose, why choose to be in a society that is the minority? Gays are also bully victims. Why would you want to choose to be bullied? Mohr has said, some homosexuals resist having homosexual encounters but ends up having them anyway. The existence of people like that just supports my point even more.

How would society change if gays were socially accepted? According to Mohr, society wouldn't change much at all. I really like how he proved his point. He gave us a few states from the United States, and ask us to distinguish which states have sodomy laws and which don't. I couldn't differentiate, this just shows how accepting homosexuality can't worsen your state or country. He also included that empirical studies has shown that there is no increase in other crimes in states that accept homosexuality. Mohr also stated that bait-gay cities like Miami and Houston have not been spared of the AIDS crisis.

Predictions on how gays can ruin a f smiley has been proven false. If anything, as the author said, it is discrimination that is driving gays into hiding and anonymous relations. Well, gays express a desire to have a permanent lover. However, discrimination has made it very difficult for gays to couple up. Imagine living together as couple with somebody and not having society accept your sexual orientation, and becoming targets of
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