Prejudice in the Film American History X

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The amount of prejudice differs from person to person, but no one is free from it. In the film, American History X, Derek is a great example of how prejudice someone can be. Derek agrees with the white power movement because he feels victimized and threatened by everyone who is not white, but in prison he learns his stereotypes are full of holes; from the film I learned there is no reason to hate one another based on race or stereotypes. Life is too short to live a life based on hate. Throughout the film, American History X, Derek feels victimized and threatened as a white American. He blames gangs, blacks, immigrants and even his mentor Cameron for all of America's problems. For instance, in one of the scenes in the film, both whites and blacks were playing basketball on the local basketball court. After an argument with one of the blacks, Derek decides whoever wins the game keeps the court and whoever loses leaves for good. “ If you win, we will walk outta here, but if we win, no bitching, no fighting, right here in front of everybody you pack up your shit and get your black asses outta here (American History X).” The violent game came to an end and the black gang was kicked out. Instead of kicking each other off the court, they should have shared at least half. However, Derek felt the black people don't deserve to play on the same ground as the whites. Derek claims his fathers…
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