Prejudice in the School Systems and How to Fix It

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Today’s concerns about ethnic prejudice, taking place in the schools, are being brought to the forefront. In response to these concerns, two weeks of summer training is being considered as a requirement for all teachers and staff members. Some are under the impression that prejudice and hate are inevitable and therefore do not find the training necessary. What is being presented will address these concerns and show everyone that prejudice is prevalent with in the schools and can be reduced. There are effective methods that attempt to reduce this common issue.
Primary Issues
Prejudice is a negative evaluation, based on an individual’s group membership and the associated stereotypes (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003). Crandall & Eshleman
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Solutions should be based off of psychological theory, as opposed to just basing theories off of existing problems with prejudice (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003).
The process by which prejudice is experienced and expressed is described (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003). They suggest that prejudice in addition to suppression results in expression (Crandall& Eshleman, 2003). A “genuine prejudice” is considered the primary motivation behind it all. Genuine prejudice is not accessible and that everyone has underlying prejudice attitudes towards those of many different groups (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003). Suppression is the attempt to reduce expression or self- awareness of prejudice (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003). Genuine prejudice and suppression are almost always the forces of prejudice (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003). The results suggest that underlying prejudices are blocked by suppression methods, but can be activated by justification processes (Crandall & Eshleman, 2003).
Research Findings on Solutions Research was done, examining the outcome of multicultural training for individuals that were pursuing jobs as school educators or counselors (Keim, pg249). The increases in awareness, knowledge and skills,
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