Prejudice in the Workplace

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Prejudice in the Workplace Introduction There is always going to be a certain level of misunderstanding or miscommunication between employees in the workplace. But when the ugly specter of prejudice appears in the workplace, based on gender, ethnicity, cultural differences, religion or skin color, it can cause serious problems and hurtful feelings. This paper offers scholarly information on prejudice in the workplace and relates as to how prejudice can be reduced. Prejudice in the Workplace Author Lilia Cortina writes in the peer-reviewed Academy of Management Review that while there are specific laws, policies and taboos against blatant racial and gender bias, that does not stop some individuals from masking "…everyday acts of incivility" (Cortina, 2008, p. 55). In other words, Cortina and all alert observers know that "…blatant intentions" to openly "alienate women and minorities from organizational life" is not acceptable behavior in the workplace, and can result in sanctions for the offending person (55). However, there continues to be bias and prejudice in places where people come to work. Cortina quotes from a research project (Andersson and Pearson) that found the existence of "…low intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm the target" (56). Some researchers allude to the above-mentioned problem as "…employee deviance" which reflects a kind of "incivility," and has as its intention rudeness (Cortina, 56). This incivility, while not an overtly
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