Preliminary Treatment Plan Essay

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Preparation of the preliminary treatment plan is a collaborative effort between the service provider and the client, mapping out the changes a client wishes to make and respecting the client's right to self-determination and informed consent.
Preliminary treatment plans are followed by a comprehensive, master treatment plan within a short time period (days to weeks). A comprehensive treatment plan is developed to manage the client's most debilitating symptoms by matching current needs in recovery to realistic and actionable goals. The master treatment plan is formalized after a comprehensive assessment and accumulated data and problem lists from any diagnostic or cognitive tests.

While the preliminary treatment plan may focus on reducing substance use,
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Initiate, as warranted (a function of client consent), a 60 day period of abstinence as verified by daily urinalysis.
Monitor and record weekly cravings for alcohol and the situational challenges to abstinence. Share observations during weekly group therapy sessions.
By the end of each month, client will identify 3 or more factors she views as benefits of abstaining from alcohol and develop a list of alternative options/action plans to help her cope with feelings of insecurity.
Goal #2 (substance abuse client with anger management issues): Control anger management issues and interact appropriately with family members during a period of 4 months.


Client must initiate a non-aggressive conversation with family members 3 times per week as reported by his family during weekly family therapy sessions.
Client must share two positive anger management skills in individual counseling sessions per week.
By the end of each month, client will develop a list of alternative options/action plans to help him express feelings of anger in a productive
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