Prelude and The Wasteland by T.S. Elliot

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So, we live lives of boring repetition. However, we have become adjusted to it so almost none of us complain. T.S. Eliot was born in St. Louis, Missouri and eventually moved to London, England. Extremely well educated, Eliot wrote many highly praised poems. For example, The Waste Land was assembled out of dramatic vignettes based on Eliot’s London life. Another poem, Preludes, talks about the daily lives of people where it starts off simple, but leads into something deeper than everyday life. Three reasons why I relate to Preludes by T.S. Eliot are evenings, mornings, and spiritually. In Preludes by T.S Eliot, a city is being described by all the things that happen in the evening. The smell of steaks is everywhere. When this poem was composed, steaks were inexpensive and were commonly eaten by members of the lower class. I can relate to this part of the poem because my family cooks steaks and my town “calms” down in the way that the city being described does. The poem then goes on to describe how “a gusty shower wraps the grimy scraps of withered leaves about your feet and newspapers from vacant lots.” The streets are gross and unattractive and the street lights flicker on and off. Parts of Worland have grimy looking streets and houses like this city does. A lonely cab-horse chugs along the darkened streets. I believe that part of the poem is telling us that life is empty at night and everything…

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