Preludes and Modernism

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Modernism is a terminology given by historians to literature movement around late nineteenth century. It is a movement in the arts which purpose is to produce art different traditional forms. Its literature aim is to criticize problems of their world. They use specific characteristics implicitly and explicitly; implicitly to send messages to each other or to educated people in authority or explicitly to influence public opinions. “We are talking about two chronologies. One is the sequence of texts; the other is the sequence of intellectual movements. Such as feminism or such as Marxism which change the way we read texts.” (Armstrong). One of the most influential modernist writers is Thomas Stearns Eliot. His one of many poems Preludes is…show more content…
It focuses on that part of the city and nothing else and the urban part where working class mostly lives. Alliteration of the ‘s’ in “With smell of steaks in passageways.” (Eliot 9) used to create the sound of heavy labouring.¬¬¬¬¬ Metaphor is used in “The burnt-out ends of smoky days” (Eliot 9) to show that all characters’ life is fading away like smoky days. Finally, personification make “shower wraps” (Eliot 9), “evening settles down” (Eliot 9), “light crept up” (Eliot 10), “morning comes to consciousness” (Eliot 9) and “conscience of a blackened street” (Eliot 10). Second, Marxism approach is applicable in this poem and discusses many themes. The world, as the speaker sees it, is classified into social classes. T.S. Eliot comes from a wealthy family and lives in St Louis, Missouri, America in 1888. He sees two sides of St Louis’ streets. On one of them he writes the “Prelude”. He is the voice of poor. Since poor people cannot speak, being illiterate, he writes instead of them. He writes how society is at his time. People are socially classified. Each social class has its own street. Poverty theme is the most dominant. Working class lives poorly, rents a flat and drink
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