Essay on Premarital Cohabitation

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Premarital Cohabitation is a rapidly growing phenomenon in our society today. Cohabitation is defined as two people living in the same household who are unrelated, and of the opposite sex (Kunz, 2012). There are many studies that state disadvantages to cohabitating, before marriage, but at the same time there are many studies stating little to no difference in cohabitating couples and couples who did not cohabitate before marriage. There are quite of few different types of cohabitation before marriage that Kunz (2012) lists her book. A very common type is the “trail marriage,” the opportunity for couples to test out their compatibility in a long-term mindset. This is more typical of college students and graduates rather than that of…show more content…
Premarital cohabitation has become immensely popular with the younger generations. In 1970 there were 500,000 cohabitating couples and in 2000 there were 7.5 million and that number is rapidly growing (Kunz, 2012). Statistics show that nearly two thirds of Americans will most likely cohabitate with a relationship partner before marriage (Gordon, 2012). Some researchers relate this to the rising divorce rate in America, coming in at nearly 50 percent of marriages, to cohabitation before marriage. This concept is called the cohabitation effect. A couple cohabitating before marriage is automatically associated with a higher risk for divorce. Although there have been studies denying these claims that cohabitating before marriage has a little effect on marriage stability, they have their exceptions.
Kunz (2012) states that the cohabitation effect isn’t as prominent as researchers originally thought. Its been shown that when a couple cohabitates before marriage, with the intent to marry in the future, they have equal experiences as a couple who did not cohabitate before marriage. The marriage stability and health of the couple did not differ. Here’s where the studies and statistics that prove higher divorce rates and poor health come in. These conditions are found in couples who cohabitate before marriage with no intent to become married in the future. These types of cohabitating relationships relate to negative communication between
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