Premchand and His Works Essay

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Premchand and His Works May be for the western readers the name "Premchand" may be an alien name. But for the great lovers of the Indian literature, his name comes at the top list. There is hardly anyone who is oblivion about him, who has slight interest in Hindi and Urdu. Right from the childhood, children are fed with the rich and delicious short stories written by him. Not only that, in some homes, parents and grandparents narrate the stories of Premchand in place of lullaby. His popularity reached up to such an optimum point that most of his works were translated in various languages of the world. At present one can read his works in various languages. To begin with, Premchand was a poet, novelist, playwright and…show more content…
The priest was a tailor by profession. It is believed that, the love for Pharsi language was developed in the tender heart of Premchand through his master, that’s why he even took Pharsi till his B.A. When Premchand was at the tender age of eight, his mother departed from this world leaving him at the mercy of his father and elder sister (Sungi) aged fifteen. His elder sister was married in the same year, before his mother passed away. Soon after the departure of his mother from this world, his condition aggravated. It was not because they were in financial strain; rather it was because now, there was no one who could fill up the gap of his love, which he had for his mother. His father couldn’t give much time to him due to his frequent transfer. His father’s transfer took him to different places, such as sometime at “Gorakphur”, sometime at “Kanpur” sometime at “Illahabad”, sometime at “Luknow”, sometime at “Jiyanpur” and sometime at “Badalgang”. Just because of this tiresome transfer from one place to another, his father was always preoccupied arranging different odds and ends that; he failed to provide ample time to a motherless child. And just because of it, a huge gap was formed between son and father, which remained till the last breath of his father. To make the matter worse, his father remarried in persuasion of other people. At first Premchand was delighted with a hope

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