Premier Car Wash & Detailing Service

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(Name of the Company) is a promising projected premier car wash & detailing service that will cater to and serve the Colorado Springs, Colorado auto enthusiast. Our initial location for operations will be in the northern part of the Colorado Springs area, but our clientele will encompass individuals/ or their families from across the wider Colorado Springs area. (Name of the Company) will be operated under the principle ownership of; Ricardo Arellano, Allen Guggisberg, James Mathews, Richard Molina, and Jonathan Arango-Ruiz. Ownership for the forthcoming business has a solid foundation under the guiding leadership of former, and retired military veterans.
Our Business:
(Name of the Company) will incorporate the delivery of specific criteria to satisfy our targeted customer clientele. Business operations will be designed around: personalized exterior (hand washed) automobile car wash, interior refining, and exquisitely tailored automobile detailing for the automotive connoisseur. Additionally, in our craftily designed facility there will be a state-of-the are waiting area with both regional and international coffee brands to be pleasurably enjoyed as services to their vehicles are being rendered to by our personally selected employees. Within the targeted area of the establishment of our business operations there are no established competitors. Across the surrounding Colorado Springs business environment, there are some established competition that offers various types of…

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