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Meeting Overview Premier Healthcare’s Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) meeting overview is a quarterly meeting held in the conference room of the corporate headquarters in Blue Ash, Ohio. The agenda for the meeting is to update the organization on the focus and Immediate Jeopardy issues identified by the OHCA for Ohio’s third quarter of 2015. The presenter is Lori W. the corporate compliance officer. Participants and attendees include the president, vice president of operations, vice president of nursing operations, finance director, administrators, and the clinical reimbursement specialists. The topics on the agenda were identified as Immediate Jeopardy citations in twelve Ohio facilities. The goal of the meeting is to review these…show more content…
Resident Abuse Ohio, long-term care facilities, had several incidences of abuse not adequately investigated by the facility or reported to the Ohio Department of Health within 24 hours. Therefore, the subsequent reports due within five days were not completed (Ohio Health Care Association, 2016c). The staff members involved in the alleged abuse were not removed from patient care immediately and were permitted to work one week past the incident. The primary reason for not properly reporting these issues was that the nurse was “so busy that she did not think about it” (Ohio Health Care Association, 2016b, p. 2). “ Abuse is a violation of a person’s human, civil or legal rights by another person that damages their quality of life or puts them at risk or harm. It may be unintentional or deliberate and can happen once or repeatedly” (King, 2012, p. 142). The importance of reporting any abuse promptly and through the appropriate channels was added to the next staff meeting. The primary methods to prevent resident abuse is to ensure that background checks are completed on the federal and state levels, proper training and staffing, respect the staff and pay decent wages, and as an organization these areas are sufficient (Duffin, 2014). Medication Errors The specific examples were a patient who died from digoxin toxicity for failure to accurately
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