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Problem Identification * Ken Lin, co-founder of PremiumSoft, needs to hire more staff for his company, however he wants to be able to keep and gain the best talent and be able to manage the work environment that he has already established with even more staff.
* Keeping/maintaining best talent available * Help your employees be great * Keep employees engaged and challenged * Stimulate their minds * Find the right motivators for employees * Minimize hassles * Find out what employees want, and how the company can meet this * Creatives = employees * Same team = same goals * Keep customers happy * Allow and listen to customer requests

* Maintaining
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They are highly recognized as a company with many creative employees, and this was their key to success. Their working teams promoted the employees to creative and innovating. Lin knew he needed to increase the size of his staff, but knew he needed to maintain the same standards the company was known for around the world. PremiumSoft was founded in 1999 by Lin and Choi, who both had worked as computer programmers, but found those jobs monotonous and boring in nature. They both strived to create and maintain a company where people enjoyed their work and felt challenged to complete their tasks. The structure of their company was held together by many different teams. Lin was the software development director, and Choi was the finance & marketing director. Under each of them were the working teams, which consisted of the various products and connecting teams. All of these teams would work together on completing their “knowledge management” tools. This “tool” was what connected the team and encouraged interdependence among the teams. Each team had a piece to fit into the puzzle for their products, and each was managed and expected to contribute to this. Timelines were always established early on in any new projects, and the team members worked towards this common goal together. The company relied on its creative employees to stick to their tasks while defining and redefining the goals of the projects. A nice advantage at PremiumSoft is

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