Prenatal And Post Natal Stages

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According to the Dieticians of Canada (2010), a dietician plays an important role with the pregnant woman, in both prenatal and post-natal stages. Addressing the specific dietary requirements unique to the needs of the individual plays a critical role in the health of the pregnant and breastfeeding woman, as well as the growth of the fetus. Most family physicians, obstetricians and midwives have a broad knowledge of the dietary requirements throughout pregnancy. However, few are experts in nutrition and alternative diets. For example, if a pregnant woman is a vegan, she may not be informed of the variety of good choices available to obtain the recommended daily intake of calcium. For example, few physicians and midwives know that sesame butter (Tahini) is an excellent, vegan-friendly, source of calcium. (Vegetarian Resource Group. Website) One non-regulated provider of service in low-risk obstetrics is the doula. A doula is someone who provides non-clinical support and care to a woman and her partner during childbirth. They provide companionship to the woman and her partner, and consistent continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect throughout labour and delivery (Doulas of North America, 2010). To this end a doula works with a woman and her family, physicians, midwives and nurses with an aim to enhance communication and understanding among the groups. Currently, although Nova Scotia and nine other jurisdictions in Canada have regulated the practice of
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