Prenatal Human Development

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The creation of a human being is a miraculous process. When many people hear human development, they tend to think about infancy or adolescent years when kids go through puberty, but the most amazing developmental processes take place in the prenatal stage. The amount of growth and change that occurs during the nine-month gestational period is almost incomprehensible. Prenatal development is broken down into three stages, the Germinal stage, the Embryonic Stage, and the Fetal stage. This paper will mainly focus on the embryonic stage because there is a vast amount of crucial development that happens during this period. The embryonic stage is also exciting because it is during this stage that the mass of cells that are supposed to be a human, starts to actually resemble a baby. The embryonic stage begins two weeks after conception, after implantation has taken place, and lasts until week eight. During this time, some body structure begins to appear and by week eight, the embryo has all basic organs and body parts. They are all very fragile and…show more content…
The embryonic stage is a critical point in human development where the embryo is very susceptible to teratogens. Teratogens are any harmful substances, such as drugs or toxins, or conditions, such as infections or malnutrition, that can cause harm to the embryo or impair development. The period of exposure and the amount of exposure are key factors in teratogens affecting the embryo. The embryo could also have a genetic disadvantage and be more vulnerable to teratogens or certain biological conditions. So, although there are certain dangers during this stage, some incredible development also takes place. By the end of the embryonic stage, the embryo is about a gram in weight and one inch in
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