Prenatal Massage Benefits

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Where Not To Massage A Pregnant Woman
Every expecting mom-to-be loves a good massage. In fact, prenatal massages can prove themselves to be beneficial for easing many of the physical and emotional changes pregnancy brings about. A massage session can relive everything from stress to weight gain-related discomfort to anxiety. While there are some areas that are safe to massage during pregnancy – like tired, achy, overburdened legs, there are a few areas and pressure points that should be avoided. Let’s take a look at the benefits and at the areas to avoid.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
During pregnancy, a massage can help alleviate many of the following aches and discomforts:
• Restlessness and anxiety
• Increased stress hormone production
• Back and leg pain
• Painful swelling

Of course,
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You should also choose your massage therapist carefully and make sure they’re trained specifically in prenatal massage practices and techniques.

Best Pregnancy Massage Practices
There are more than eighty massage techniques, but the safest one to indulge in during pregnancy is Swedish Massage. It uses long, gentle strokes to soothe and relax tightened muscles. Swedish massage helps the mom relax, eases tension, and promote a calm, peaceful inner self. It is also preferable – and more comfortable – for the client to avoid lying face down – even on specially designed pregnancy massage tables. Instead, you should lay on one side supported comfortably by pillows.

If you’re ready to luxuriate in a beneficial pregnancy massage, call us today to discuss the best massage for your pregnant body. We custom tailor each massage to relive your specific aches and pains. If you’ve experienced the thrill and relaxation of a pregnancy massage before, share your experience in the comments. You might just help other moms-to-be find the relief they
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