Prenegotiation Objectives: Price vs. Quality Analysis

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Price vs. quality analysis The prenegotiation objectives negotiation plan will start with an analysis of price vs. quality, whereby the computers that will be purchased will be judged considering the elements in the table below. The central element is certainly the price: there are two sides to this price the price that the contractor proposed and the price that is best for the company. The objective of the price negotiation would be to get the price as close to the price best for the company as possible. In terms of the quality of the computer, there will be certain requirements that the computer needs to have, since the primary reason for which the computers are changed in the first place was that they are no longer operating properly and are causing delays in the activity of the employees. The requirements will include things such as the size of the memory, the type of processor, the type of monitor etc. Ideally, the negotiations should be conducted with more than one potential partner, which will increase the chances of being a negotiation in favor of the buyer. Offer # Contractor Price Proposal Required Price Estimate Cost Difference Target Quality Objective Partner 1 Partner 2 Partner 3 Partner 4 Preferential conditions The negotiations will aim to obtain favorable terms, on the basis of a long-term cooperation, from the chosen partner. This will include lower prices on future orders and better conditions on any other technical equipment purchases made

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