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This paper explores the results of my Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library tests and reveals which areas of the test results differ substantially from my self-perception. In addition, this paper discusses those differences and elaborates on the areas that have provided opportunity for me to further understand the elements of my personality. The research of multiple articles examines the applicability of these significant characteristics and relates them to the overall function of my workplace. This allows me to identify vulnerabilities that persist and to investigate changes in behavior that will improve my work atmosphere. Dr. Fischer (2006) in his article The Gospel and Personal Reflection discusses the reality of human sin-nature and how, because of reconciliation through Christ, that sin can be overcome through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This article fosters an understanding that God has gifted all people with specific…show more content…
In my current profession the drive to write as many insurance policies as possible has the potential to cloud my judgment as to whether the product I am selling is the most appropriate choice for the customer. I must remind myself to slow down and focus on the individual needs of the client, since that is my priority and is ultimately what will sell the policy. In addition, I have translated this into the ability to assist my team members in effective policy selection as I coach them to increase their understanding of how the different products will best meet the needs of each individual client. My preference for structure is evident when processing each policy and I appreciate the consistency of the information I am required to gather to complete each application. This allows me to expend my time and energy focusing on the principal uncertainty in the insurance industry, the client
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