Preoperative Phase The First Interaction I Had With My Assigned Patient

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In the preoperative phase the first interaction I had with my assigned patient was at the holding area where the assigned nurse asked Mr. A.G. for family members present at the hospital, the need for last minute calls, and if there was any questions about the surgery and post surgery procedures.
At this time MR. A.G. particurlarly felt a little nervous, and anxious about the operating room but he understood that this was a needed surgery; when asked about family member, he replied that only his brother will be staying at the hospital with him; explaining that his wife was at work and, his kids were at school. Mr. A.G appear a somewhat serious and a little pale.
There was limited use of the electronic health record, the assigned nurse mainly use the chart to verify consent forms and physician’s orders prior to surgery.
The assigned nurse explained to the patient about pain management/ pain scale after surgery and how he will be waking up in the Intensive Care Unit where he was going to have chest tubes to remove the extra fluid from the chest cavity; he confirmed understanding and was ready to move on with the procedure. The role of the preoperative nurse is to ensure patients safety , provide information and emotional support to patients and family member awaiting surgery; they are also responsible for ensuring that all the preoperative information data is obtained and that it is in the patient’s chart.
In the Intraoperative phase Mr. A.G. was

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