Preparation For A Marching Band

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The sport/activity that I have chosen to talk about is marching band. Technically, this would be my second year doing it but I am looking forward to doing marching band and jazz band later in high school. So, I have chosen this activity to talk about because it's actually really fun and entertaining. Many people would watch you, maybe, play one of their favorite songs while walking down the streets of their hometown. Yea, it could get dark in that town, but it's better to be doing it, than to not. There are many things to talk about with this sport like preparing, positioning, and errors. To be honest there are a lot of errors in marching band, and it can get very detailed and confusing.
Preparation for Accomplishment of Activity Preparation for marching band can be fairly simple. First, you obviously need to get your instrument and start putting it together once in a quiet, non-distracting place. If your instrument is a woodwind, it would do you a whole lot better if you were to wet your reed. If you have a brass instrument, it would help your ametuar to do some buzzing excersises. Percussion would be able to manage their 5-stroke roll better and their paradiddles better if they do left to right and right to left drills. After your instrument is put together, practice your songs. If you’ve got that down, practice marching. Starting with your right foot, and keeping a steady beat. In marching you have to walk with a steady pace as the rest of your group and/or band. Whilst
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