Preparation For The National Certification As A Family Nurse Practitioner

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Advance Practice Nurse Practitioner Certification Plan A recent study looking on how the nurse practitioner (NP) workforce is projected to grow projected a 130% by the year 2025 (Auerbach, 2012). I believe this increase is in preparation for the rising age of our nation’s population and for the demand of quality health care delivery in the primary care setting. The state of Arizona will have one of the largest demand for primary care providers in the nation, with an anticipated 40.5% shortage of primary care providers (Van Vleet & Paradise, 2014). I am fortunate to be completing an accredited Family Nurse Practitioner Program at such an opportunistic time, advancing my nursing practice. This paper will outline steps I will take in preparation for the National Certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Areas of Study The Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) Predictor Exam consists of 150 generated questions with rationales identifying strengths and weaknesses (APEA, 2016). According to APEA (2016), an overall score of greater than 70% has a high likelihood of passing the certification exam. Taking the APEA Predictor Exam as a classroom assignment with a 73% overall score has giving me a positive feedback to the likelihood of passing certification on the first time. It has also allowed me to see the areas of study needed to review. Areas of weakness are ENT, and pharmatherapeutics which are areas of study to focus on initially. In order to concentrate

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