Preparation For The Pre Calculus Test

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It was Monday morning. Sitting in the parking lot of my school, I quickly reviewed my math notes in preparation for the Pre-Calculus test. The importance of this final test was the make-it-or-break-it point of maintaining my A in the class. My eyes rapidly moved over the study guide in hopes to remember each trigonometry identity required. However, time was running out, and I had to retrieve my things from my locker for my first hour, Pre-Calculus. I rushed to my locker, unpacked my things, and made my way to first hour. The atmosphere of the classroom felt heavy and full of fear, as most do during test days. Unaware of what was being talked about, I tried to recall the trigonometry identities for one last time. The teacher then whipped out a thick stack of papers and slammed them on his desk. Everyone’s heart sunk. Slowly, the teacher handed out the seven-page exam and passed them down the rows. I swiftly and quietly finished my test feeling confident about how I did. Once everyone had finished their tests, the class was let out into their second-hour classes. I casually walked back to my locker to exchange my books and folders. Halfway through twisting my lock’s combination, a sudden realization dawned on me. I did not turn in the test’s study guide, a large portion of the overall class grade. Frantically, I unlocked my locker and grabbed what I needed. Nervously, I sat down in my second-hour class, photography, and thought about what had just happened. That test was

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