Preparation Of A Innovative Mixed Matrix Polyethersulfone Membranes By Inserting Graphene Oxide Nanosheets For Wastewater Purification Essay

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Preparation of an innovative mixed matrix polyethersulfone membranes by inserting graphene oxide nanosheets for wastewater purification 1. Introduction Water is definitely related to the economics of both developing and developed countries where it affects energy and food production, industrial output, and our environment quality. Water is today considered to be a vital and limited resource. With agriculture, livestock, and energy consumption comprising over and above 80% of all water for human use, demand for fresh water is expected to increase with population growth, further stressing traditional sources. Furthermore, growing numbers of contaminants are entering water supplies from human activities and public health and environmental alarms now persuade to cleanse waters considered in the past to be clean. Globally, confirming the sustainable water management can be achieved by developing appropriate water treatment techniques.So what are the challenges? The decontamination of water without the use of chemicals or the production of toxic by-products; the removal of low-concentration contaminants in high backgrounds of potable constituents at lower cost; and the re-use of wastewater and water desalination from sea and inland saline aquifers. Due to the main objective of any research work is to try to solve a problem. Hence in this work we are trying to develop novel ultrafiltration membranes using grapheme oxide as inorganic additive to be able to facing the water
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