Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas

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Southville of Foreign University Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas A Report Researched to the Faculty of the School Of Hospitality Management In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements Submitted to: Sir Michael De Villa Submitted by: Ramone T Unit 7: Preparation and Clearing of Service Areas Know how to prepare service areas and equipment for food and drink service A. Description of safe and hygienic working practices for preparing service areas and equipment (1.1) Food and drink service are considered for those who are responsible for serving food and drinks to guests. There are different kinds of services in the catering industry. Restaurant table service which in the restaurant, guests are allowed…show more content…
| | Still room | The still room must be tidy and clean as well as storing utensils, and all equipment must be fully stocked and washed. | B. Description of procedures for maintaining food service items and equipment (1.2) Commonly for food service items, the correct procedures would be firstly cleaning, polishing, burnishing and lastly place it in storage. 1. Crockery | Crockeries are the same procedures such as the cutleries, silverware and glassware but then it is stored in the kitchen stacked with the cleaned plates. | 2. Cutlery | Cutleries must be washed and let it air-dry, when it is dried, polish them with a cloth. After store them in cutlery drawers or in the side boards. | 3. Silverware | Silverware such as salvers etc. is washed to clean the dirt out, then air-dry or wipe with a cloth. Lastly, store them in the side boards. | 4. Glassware | Glassware must be washed in the dish washing machine, then when it is cleaned, air-dry after wipe it with a glass cloth and store them in the bar area or in a glassware cabinet. | 5. Menu folders | Menu folders must be organized correctly and check if any dirt is stuck. Menu folders must be cleaned thoroughly and no ripped paper have been observed by the customer. | 6. Table decorations | Table decorations such as vases and flowers which are placed in the middle of the table setting, must be cleaned and flower stems
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