Preparation for Mentorship and Assessing Essays

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Preparation for Mentorship and Assessing Introduction. Learning in practice is an important part of the curriculum and accounts for approximately 50% of the pre-qualifying nursing programme in the UK (Andrews and Roberts, 2003). Supporting students to learn is an important function for both educators and practitioners and thus teaching, assessing and mentoring are fundamental aspects of nurses' roles and responsibilities. The quality of the clinical learning environment is a national priority for both Trusts and Higher Education Institutes (Rapson, Holding and Shepherd, 2003). In recent years, the impetus for review can be attributable to a variety of sources including recommendations…show more content…
Ashworth and Morrison (1991, cited in Stuart 2003 p34) consider that assessing involves the perception of evidence about performance by an assessor, and the arrival at a decision concerning the level of performance of the person being assessed. The teacher function, according to Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2002), involves sharing knowledge through experience and critical enquiry, facilitating learning opportunities and focusing on individual needs and learning styles to promote ownership and responsibility for continuing professional education. Activities that mentors and assessors are expected to provide include planning learning opportunities for and with students to enable them to achieve their individual learning needs, facilitating and supporting the learning process, assessing learning and, providing feedback to students on their performance (Neary, 2000; Eraut et al, 1995; cited in Stuart 2003 p33). However, Pulsford, Boit and Owen (2002) recognize that the distinct activities that each term implies have often become blurred together. I favour Bennett (2003) who defines the mentor simply as 'the nurse who supervises students, enables learning and assesses students in the practice setting'. This fits with what seems to be the case
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