Preparation of Bis Acetylacetonao Copper 2

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Experiment 6 Title: Preparation of bis(acetylacetonato)copper(II) complex Objective: To synthesize the bis(acetyacetonato) copper(II) complex Theory/Background: All metal ions in solution are 'associated' with water. The water molecules can also be weakly bonded or more strongly as a ligand to form a complex ion, and these can also present in solid 'hydrated' salts of crystallization. E.g Copper(II) nitrate (Cu(NO3) 2.3H2O). A complex ion has a metal ion at its centre with a number of other molecules or ions surrounding it. These can be considered to be attached to the central ion by co-ordinate (dative covalent) bonds. The molecules or ions surrounding the central metal ion are called ligands. Simple ligands include water,…show more content…
5) The product is washed well with water and drained thoroughly. 6) The product is dried in the oven. 7) Weight of the product is recorded and the percentage yield % is calculated. Data/Results : Mass of copper(II) nitrate = 6.013g Mass of beaker =52.9072g Mass of beaker + product after drying in oven = 54.2723g Mass of crude product after = 54.2723-52.9072 drying in oven =1.3651g Calculations : Mass of copper(II) nitrate used = 6.013g Mass of crude product = 1.3651g Theoretical yield Given molar mass of copper(II) nitrate = 241 Num of moles of copper(II) nitrate = 6.013 241 = 0.0249 moles Assume number of moles is equals number of moles of crude product = 0.0249 moles Given that molar mass of crude product= 261. Theoretical yield mass = 0.0249 moles × 261 = 6.4989g Percentage yield of product = Mass of crude product × 100% Theoretical mass = 1.3651g × 100% 6.4989 = 21.0050 % Discussion : Copper(II) Nitrate, (Cu(NO3) 2 is an inorganic compound that forms a blue crystalline solid. Anhydrous copper nitrate forms deep blue-green crystals and sublimes in a vacuum at 150-200 °C. Copper nitrate also occurs as five different hydrates, the most common ones being the trihydrate and hexahydrate. .Hydrated forms of copper nitrate, also blue. Copper(II) nitrate (Cu(NO3) 2.3H2O) is dissolved in

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