Prepare an Organizational Audit for Amazon

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Unit 7: Business Strategy (BS)

Task 1: Understand the process of strategic planing

British Airways Mission Statement

To be the most exclusive and first choice airline for all airline travelers

One Destination seeks to ensure our customers fly confident that, together, we are acting responsibly to take care of the world we live in.

British Airways Vision

Uniquely different : equally valued - British Airways’ vision for equality

BA has been redefining the vision, and making sure it is successfully carried out throughout the organization, and hence led to corporate success. The mission is, of course, wider than being merely an airline with good customer relations and service.

British Airways are constantly
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Along with the passenger flights British Airways engaged in the operation of domestic and international carriage of mail and shipment. Regardless of the global economic downturn, British Airways’ future seems promising. According to latest yearly report (British Airways, 2008) which stated that British Airways’ objective is to become world’s most dependable airline.

Effects of Conflicts:

These problems and conflicts between management had a bad and harmful effect on the new company. British Airways has been considered as the most disreputable company because of its poor service.
In addition, the organization’s operation has been pretentious and in 1980 the company had been regard to have the worst timekeeping record all over European carriers flying from UK and named as the airline to circumvent. This resulted in the extensive loss for the company.

Problems Due to Management Change

Like in any other organization whenever there is a change in the management; problems and issues arises, same case with British Airways during and after the management change, it faced different problems. At one side these changes were able to give British Airways the position it deserved in the market and on the other hands this management change was causing some problem. The problem wasn’t related with the employee performance or its

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