Prepare and Monitor Budget

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Assessment Task 1: Element 1 Prepare Budget Information Research Assignment.

1. Mountain View Hotel organisational chart, profit or cost center and people who are involved in the budget committee.

People who involve in budget committee are: General Manager, Resident Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Food and beverage Manager, Hotel Accountant, Maintenance Manager, Front Office Manager and Housekeeping Manager.

2. As the Executive Chef you are responsible for developing your activity centers budget. The general Manager has told all profit center managers to increase net profit by 5%, and maintain current departmental labour cost. He has advised that there will be a major advertising campaign to increase mid week occupancy. List
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Carbon tax has trigger prices to go up while people also deal with job tax, mortgage payment, leisure tax and household tax. This is bringing up pressure to everyone.

Mountain View Hotel may need to increase prices on services to level with market prices, such as room prices, food and beverages prices.

The proposal for revenue, costs, cash flow and profits will vary in operation‘s buying strategy, business suppliers and customer’s expectation. In addition, I also need to consider last accounting period won’t be the same with current or next accounting period and how the prices effect during budgeted period.

The introduction of carbon tax has reflected change on products prices, energy fee, and wages. The budgeting forecast will consider higher than before to meet up with business goal profit.

6. List and explain two ways that your inclusion in the Mountain View’s budget committee allows you and your team and opportunity to be involved in ensuring that the budget is achievable and will assist in meeting the organisation goal and objectives.


Meeting is important and apply to any business especially big business. From the meeting:
1. Each department representative may give ideas, suggestions, complaint and supports to each other. Managers
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