Preparedness Continuum Of A School Staff Essay

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Preparedness Continuum In the case of a school staff being approached by a student with suicidal ideation or suicidal thought… Staff will contact the schools guidance counselor. If they cannot be contact, try to reach the Vice Principal or Principal. Be thoroughly observant of the student. Did you notice any of the following signs? Saying things like, “Life isn’t worth living?” “People would be better off without me.” “I won’t be in your way much longer.” “Who cares if I’m dead anyway?” “I feel like there is no way out.” Depression, moodiness, irritability, change in academic performance, decline in hygiene, or trouble eating If one or more behaviors are observed, approach with caution. -remain calm -listen attentively, give student time to express feelings, DO NOT pass judgement -ask questions for clarity -extend hope, let them know help is available -explain to them more help is needed-time to suggest counseling -do not take too much on self ****AT THIS POINT child is NOT to be left alone Upon notifying the counselor or principal(s), the counselor will begin to address the threat. This session will include a series of questions: -Do you feel hopeless? If so, how long have you felt like this? -Do you ever think about killing yourself? How long have you had these thoughts? -Have you made plans on how you want to kill yourself? What are they? How long have you thought out your plan? ***If issues are revealed about child abuse, call local Child Services immediately. Disclose
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