Preparedness Training Within Hospitals For Wmd

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There is a need for preparedness training within hospitals for WMD. As it stands, there are currently a few set standards in place that would help deal with deal WMD threat within their hospitals or outside threat that could be coming towards their facility for treatment because they are the close. The type of threat they could be expose too for example are, Ebola, Anthrax’s, SARS etc. WMD that are released within a hospital only has one agenda which is to kill. Because the types of WMD are contagious and airborne it can spread very quickly without any warning. The focus will be how emergency managers can help hospitals to recognize, prepare, train, and to be able to identify suspicious vials, letters, powers, etc. If the hospitals can prepare and train effectively to recognize these threats immediately then they will be able to prevent the spread of Airborne WMD threat. This type of preparedness and training will help the hospitals ready themselves to handle these types of threats no matter when it may occur.

Introduction: Emergency management Preparedness Training for Airborne WMD in Hospitals

When one goes to the hospital they never give a second thought about a WMD threat and if it can happen, because most people are only thinking about treatment for whatever is ailing them, not terrorist attack a hospital. Airborne WMD study is a critical for the emergency management and hospitals environment because it can help to prepare them for this type of
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