Preparedness and Emergency Management

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A Case Study of Knowledge Transfer Between Preparedness and Emergency Management Thomas R. Hamblin University of Massachusetts at Lowell Abstract This paper examines a case study about the transfer of knowledge between preparedness and emergency response as conducted by Kerstin Erikkson of Lund, Sweden University. Erikkson (2009) conducted the case study by analyzing emergency response following Gudrun, a storm with hurricane force wind gusts that struck the South of Sweden in January 2005. This disaster caused significant damage to the region 's critical infrastructure, such as roadways, railways, telecommunications systems, and electrical power supply. The storm also resulted in power outages for roughly three-quarters of a…show more content…
He identifies two reasons for this lack of implementation and why there was an absence of knowledge transfer between the preparedness and emergency response stages. Specifically, Erikkson points out that analyzed scenarios do not have the same level of seriousness that an actual incident presents, particularly in regard to the extent of damage caused by such disasters. In addition, he also identifies the absence of an organization designated to delegate preparedness tasks to other emergency response organizations, which would in-turn allow response units to have clear and predetermined areas of responsibility. The author of this paper agrees with Erikkson (2009) in that the transfer of knowledge is not an easily identified process. Through his case study of Gudrun, Erikson found knowledge written in plans is seldom appropriately transferred. He also specified different parameters that are generally considered to affect emergency response, which are thereby important to identify and address in disaster preparation. As such, planners should identify and analyze emergency response patterns that are the same for all incidents. While each emergency situation is specific and necessitates different demands on response, some responses are consistent for varying types of
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