Preparing Breakfast For The Kids

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SUNDAY MORNING Thank God Dylan and Mykle didn’t make a peep the rest of the night. I even slept a couple of hours before quietly stepping down the ladder and continuing down the stairs to the kitchen. My craving for morning caffeine had to be satisfied. After sitting down and sipping the fresh and hot roasted brew, I started to devise a plan of action for the day. Craig counseled me that the first session with the boys should start from the beginning of my relationship with Lynn and end with our decision and reasons for divorcing. That’s what I plan to do. Instead of having breakfast while the boys are asleep, I think bringing back a Keenig family Sunday ritual may help ease whatever tension or apprehension the boys may be feeling. Then…show more content…
Fr. Glenn Marino, our Parish priest of St. Ambrose Catholic Church, determined that Dylan possessed the use of reason and that he knew and understood what the Eucharist was and was ready to receive this sacrament. Lynn and I thought Dylan was too young but to ease our apprehension Fr. Marino cited the part of the Church’s Canon Law that referenced the age of readiness for this sacrament. “It is primarily the duty of parents and those who take the place of parents, as well as the duty of pastors, to take care that children who have reached the use of reason are prepared properly and they have made sacramental confession, are refreshed with this divine food as soon as possible.” Dylan is nearly 13 years old now and at the age where he should be preparing to be confirmed into the realm of the Roman Catholic Church. But since the hectic events leading up to the divorce blocked his confirmation proceedings, Dylan is behind other practicing Catholics of his age. Subsequently, Mykle at the age of nine is also behind in his obligations to the church. I have talked to Lynn in the past to motivate the boys in their religious endeavors but my words just fell on deaf ears. If my mother, be it the religious person that she is, ever finds out that the boys are off course in their religious obligations, she would have my head. I must rather deal with Lynn than with Mom over this issue of faith and was now determined to go behind my ex-wife’s back and take the boys to
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