Preparing For A Company Wide Migration

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Preparing for a Company-Wide Migration to Windows 8.1 Window 8 SWOT viability upgrading The SWOT analyses is be conducted for the viability for upgrading to Windows for three different locations of Crescent Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) The corporate located in Texas, Maryland and Nebraska. A headquarter and product facilities located in Texas. The other manufacturing facilities located in Maryland and Nebraska. The cost should be to maintain the two windows which are window 8 and window 7 can be steep over the long term do to the cost of support. Crescent Manufacturing Inc. is a customized home finishing’s, and extravagant leader in crafted, this SWOT analyses will layout the rollout for upgrading to window 8. • All clients in the…show more content…
The reason is the staff had unrealistic expectation for the technology, or they could not buy in to the idea of technology at the binging. The main key of workers acceptance seems to hinge on the following factors: • Clearly identifying the benefits of the new system to those who will use it. • User friendliness for the new system. • Clear commitment by management to support staff during their learning carves. • Training and hands-on practice with specific application. • Clear and communicated commitment by management to support the introduction of new system, • Timely hardware/application support. • Clear expectations by management that staff are expected to use the new system. • Make the transition easy to understand • Immediate recognition for any staff members new use of technology. • Monitor all result the what, when and how, to improve migration process. • Provide IT support to all involved with the transition. • Encourage feedback on performance issue and gains. Treats • Window has always been the targeted by hacker and virus. • Expert rate Windows as the one of the most insures OS. • Window 8 is still a young operating it has only been related just over a year. • In compatibility to third party application or programs can be a problem when upgrading to new OS, the lack of vendor support can be a problem. Phase in Process There are 250 employees in Texas 25 in Nevada and 175 in Maryland which are cable of running Window 8 on their client computers. I
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